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Darin A. Schultz, the ingenious inventor of the 4D Snobike™ and fearless founder of 4D Snobike, LLC.

The Early Years

Darin and his siblings were raised on a dairy farm in the rolling hills of southern Minnesota. Like all farm kids, they had their daily chores. Like most kids growing up in rural areas, when the Schultz kids finished those chores, they’d jump on bikes brought home by Mom and Dad from auctions and garages sales, and pedal the woods, trails, ditches and rural roads.

Whenever possible, they’d ride the four or so miles to grandma’s house for fresh-baked cookies and pie. Along with their 4H friends they biked year-round, except in the most extreme winter conditions. Mostly because the family’s 1974 John Deere Snowmobile was just too fast for some of the kids. In 1984, Darin’s father dug a pond on the family dairy farm. Naturally, when the temperatures dropped the pond froze over.

As Darin explains, "My brothers and sisters skated, played hockey and just slid on the ice on the seat of their pants or on a piece of cardboard. But, I took one of our old bikes and wrapped farm wire around the tires about a hundred times. In no time I was whipping cookies like crazy."

The Big Idea Bubbles to the Surface

Following his training in the Small Engine and Marine field from Alexandria Technical College, Darin has been working and playing in the sports industry since 1994.

He worked his way into a managment position for a large Arctic Glacier Ice distribution center while working part time as a snow maker for a ski hill in the Black Hills of South Dakota just for fun. Darin’s love for the outdoors and sports led to mountain biking in the summer, and skiing and snowboarding for as long as the snow would last.

In 2007, Darin had returned to his Midwest roots and was working operation’s at a well-known ski hill Afton Alps with acres of fun. Just out side the Twin Cities. Commuting to work on his mountain bike, he re-kindled his love for serious snow biking which had been sparked on the family farm many years earlier.

Real, Honest-to-Goodness, Snowbiking Becomes Reality

During his ventures and travels, Darin had seen some attempts at so-called snowbikes. They combined a chair, handlebars and two runners. These worked great for handicapped skiers.

Plus, he was aware of some pretty good bike tires for snow and ice.
But, none of this fit his vision of a real snow bike. To Darin, a real snowbike would go up and down the mountain, through powder, through the trees, and back onto pavement for the ride home.

Fortunately, mechanical and engineering aptitude run in the Schultz family, because in less than a week Darin had chopped, cut, bent, and bolted together his first functional prototype. Taking his bike to the Next Dimension in Snow bikes!

And, it was more fun than he had ever had on a bike!

The Rest of the Story is History in the Making

Today, several patents are pending and custom-built 4D Snobikes are available on a limited basis.
4D Snobike, LLC is just months away from going into full production and 4D Snobike, LLC is actively building retail distribution channels for 2009-10.
If you are interested in learning more about 4D Snobike opportunities please contact us now.

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